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If you are interested in purchasing any of my Original art, please email me first.  Please include which art you are interested in,  your name and email address, and where you are located within the USA (I cannot ship outside of the USA), and any questions you might have.  I will email you back to answer any questions you have to that point.  Then, upon your final confirmation to me that you do wish to purchase the art and at the price I am asking, I will confer with you as to a shipping method, assuming you are out of the area from me.  I cannot include the costs of shipping in the prices for my art, and I will go over that cost with you which will need to be added to your total.  

I can only ship my art after payment has been received and only after a check has cleared the bank.  No credit cards are accepted at this time.  I only accept personal checks or bank drafted money orders, and US currency cashable.  Thank you very much for your interest in my work, and I will look forward to hearing from you!  

Wayne Snyder

Some notes:

* "Painting size", or "Drawing size" -- Means the size of the art itself, and/or within a frame, not the size of the outside dimensions of the frame, on those pieces where the art is framed.

*As in 'The Golden Rule' . . . I handle my customers need for security and privacy very carefully, as I do with my own.  Rest assured, I do not share any customer information with anyone else, except to verify with a bank that a check is valid.

*Most of my original art is framed, as you can see in viewing them, and will be included in the price.  Most but not all of those, are higher quality professional frames, and in the case of water medium pieces, the matting as well.

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